Carreira Industrial Personnel GmbH

Kardinal-Galen-Ring 203
D - 48429 Rheine
Tel.: +49 (0)5971 980 390
Fax: +49 (0)5971 980 39

Operations abroad

Foreign missions are part of our everyday business. Our company sends its employees throughout Europe.

We place great value on timely and complete provision of relevant documents and data for the project. We provide you with A1 certificates, Limosa reports, certificates etc. within the shortest possible time frame. Thus, we ensure a smooth and pragmatic execution.

Thanks to our wide network of qualified employees across Europe, a speedy job occupation can be assured.

Our staff can easily obtain access to all large refineries, chemical and power plants. The likelihood that someone will be rejected on the basis of incomplete or incorrect documents at the gate is negligible. This gives customers a tremendous planning security and guarantees a rapid commencement of work in this fast-paced business.